Door Handles & Knobs
Drawer Handles & Knobs

The fastest and most accurate hardware tool on the market. Easily saves 70% + of hardware installation time

Saves wasted time making handle templates

Patented design helps eliminate drilling mistakes

For professional installation of handles & knobs. Works on doors and drawer fronts. An invaluable tool for any cabinet installer.
Simply slide guides and stop along english & metric rulers, tighten thumb screws & drill.
TP-1934 is the core unit of the complete drilling system (TP-1935). Locates hardware holes of any dimension on doors & drawer fronts.
Reversable for right & left hand doors. Removable end-stop for drawer fronts & tall doors. Includes standard 5MM drill bit (approx. 3/16").

- Durable light-weight aluminum with 5MM or 1/4" case hardened steel bushings.
- Replaceable Bushings are extremely durable
- Includes: 1 T-square with Center Bushing, 1 Top Stop, 2 Sliding Guides, 1 End Stop, Standard 5MM Drill Bit
- Measures 12 1/2" long 7 7/8" wide
- Finished Aluminum
- 1 lb 5 oz


MSRP: $169.00